They connect us to our friends, family and coworkers. They can wake us up, provide instant facts on random subjects, count our calories and help us protect our homes from would-be intruders.
We depend on our cell phones now more than ever, and that makes a lot of people nervous when it comes to the possible links between cell phone use and cancer.

The concerns about cell phone use and cancer

Even if youbre worried about the link between cell phone use and cancer, you might ask yourself, bam I overreacting?b To date, numerous studies have produced conflicting results, so itbs hard to say. But letbs consider that cell phones emit radiofrequency energy (a form of non-ionizing radiation). The tissues closest to the phone can absorb that energy.
And because cell phones are typically held near the head during use, the main concern is that they could cause tumors in this area, including:

  • Malignant (cancerous) brain tumorsB such as gliomas
  • Non-cancerous brain tumors such as meningiomas
  • Non-cancerous nerve tumors that connect the brain to the ear (acoustic neuromas)
  • Non-cancerous tumors of the salivary glands

What the studies say about cell phones causing cancer

The Mayo Clinic recently shared a glimpse into some of the research and varying conclusions:

  • A study that tracked more than 420,000 cell phone users over a 20-year period found no evidence of a link between cell phones and brain tumors.
  • Another study revealed an association between cell phones and cancer of the salivary glands, but only a small number of study participants had malignant tumors.
  • A third study suggested a possible increased risk of glioma b a specific type of brain tumor b for the heaviest cell phone users, but no increase in brain tumor risk overall.

Can cell phones really cause cancer?

After reviewing key research, the International Agency for Research on Cancer found limited evidence that cell phone radiation is a cancer-causing agent (carcinogenic). As a result, they classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to people.
Clearly, right now, no one knows if cell phones can cause cancer. Still, if youbre in doubt, use the speaker to talk, or try hands-free ear buds that keep the phone away from your head.

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