Astera Breast Care

Helping Ensure Your Best Possible Outcome

Surgery is a vital and common treatment for breast cancer and benign tumors. A breast cancer diagnosis usually involves the presence of a tumor, benign or malignant, for which surgical removal is often the first step.

At Astera, our experienced, highly trained breast surgeons determine the right course of action based on your diagnosis, staging, health, and unique needs. We use leading-edge technologies to target and remove the cancerous tissue, while minimizing risk and producing the best possible outcomes.

Guided by Goals

The surgical procedure, techniques and tools our breast surgeons choose are also dependent on unique factors of your breast cancer  or tumor and the goal of your surgery, including:

  • Removing cancerous tissue (in whole or in part)
  • Accurately and completely diagnosing and staging cancer, including determining it’s location, spread and effects
  • Restoring appearance of function affected by cancer or treatment
  • Relieving the side effects of cancer
  • Relieving cancer pain or other symptoms – palliative care

Breast Surgery Experience, The Right Approaches For You

Our breast surgeons have many years of combined experience providing excellent treatment and ensuring the best possible outcomes for all types of breast surgery. The different approaches to surgery we use to help you fight breast cancer include:

Prevention – Preventive surgery can stop breast cancer before it starts. Usually, this is accomplished by removing precancerous tissues before they become malignant. In some cases where there’s a high likelihood of developing a specific type of cancer, it may be appropriate to remove an entire organ.

Diagnosis – Biopsy is commonly the best way to determine if suspicious tissue is cancerous. A cluster of cells from the suspect tissue is removed surgically and evaluated in the pathology lab for malignancy.

Staging – Staging surgery helps us to discover specifics about the type of cancer and how far it has spread, two key factors in determining which treatment will be most appropriate and effective for you.

Curative – This surgery to remove a tumor is very common and can effectively cure breast cancer by removing all malignant cells from the body. It is often combined with chemotherapy or radiation therapy to maximize curative potential.

Palliative – Relief of pain or other symptoms is a completely valid reason for breast cancer surgery. Our breast surgeons help many patients by alleviating their discomfort and improving their quality of life, even when cure is not a viable option.

Supportive – Some breast surgeries are performed to make other cancer treatments possible, more efficient or more effective.

Restorative – Breast surgery can also include an operation to restore appearance of function, such as breast reconstruction surgery following a mastectomy operation.

At Astera, we’re leading the way in breast surgery in New Jersey to provide you the highest quality treatment with optimal outcomes and unparalleled patient support. Learn more about our breast surgeons.

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