Astera SpaceOAR Hydrogel

Offering New Protection for Prostate Cancer Patients

To treat prostate cancer, we deliver a dose of radiation to the prostate to destroy tumor cells—without adversely affecting you. At Astera, we use newly FDA-approved SpaceOAR Hydrogel to reduce radiation exposure to the nearby rectum in order to decrease side effects.

Injecting SpaceOAR Hydrogel between the prostate and the rectum pushes the rectum out of the way during treatment, resulting in much less radiation being delivered to healthy tissue. Using this innovative technique can significantly improve your daily quality of life, as bowel function is much less likely to be affected by scar tissue or ulceration.


Astera Cancer Care is the first in New Jersey to offer SpaceOAR Hydrogel


We use SpaceOAR Hydrogel to provide a protective barrier between the prostate and the rectum to keep radiation away from sensitive rectal tissue and protect it from damage.

The benefits of SpaceOAR Hydrogel at Astera include:

  • Enhanced precision and safety
  • Decreased radiation dose to healthy issue
  • Decreased side effects and complications

The Benefits of Hydrogel

Dr. Edward Soffen discusses the benefit of Hydrogel SpaceOAR for prostate cancer patients.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

In this testimonial video, Astera patient Paul Curtin relates his experience in prostate cancer radiation treatment, using SpaceOAR Hydrogel to protect the rectum, minimize side effects, and maximize his quality of life.



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