Astera Proton Therapy

Proton Therapy: A Highly-Accurate Option for Radiation Treatment

Currently available at only a handful of centers in the United States, proton therapy is a highly-accurate, less invasive alternative to X-ray radiation for treating cancer.

How Our Doctors Use Proton Therapy to Treat a Variety of Cancers

At high energy, protons (positively charged particles) can destroy cancer cells. Importantly, doctors can control the depth to which the protons penetrate into the body, allowing us to focus the radiation beam on the target (tumor). Unlike X-ray radiation, proton treatment only penetrates to the target and doesn’t irradiate tissue as it exits the body. As a result, proton therapy reduces exposure to surrounding healthy tissue, thereby minimizing the risk of side effects.

Protons are effective in the treatment of:

  • Prostate cancer
  • Brain tumors
  • Head and neck cancers
  • Lung cancer
  • Sarcomas
  • Tumors of the skull base and spine
  • Many pediatric cancers.

New Jersey & New York Metro Area’s Pioneers in Proton Therapy

Astera Cancer Care teamed with ProCure and CentraState Healthcare System to open the first proton therapy center in the New Jersey/New York metropolitan area. The center is located in Somerset, New Jersey, about a half-hour’s drive from midtown Manhattan.

To date, Astera’s radiation oncologists have collectively treated thousands of patients and have more than 40 plus years of collective firsthand proton therapy experience, more than any other provider in the metro area. As leaders in this cancer treatment modality, our radiation oncologists also participate in clinical research on proton therapy.

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