A New Mother's Journey: Overcoming the Challenges of Breast Cancer

Allison, a mother, chief surgical physician assistant at Jersey City Medical Center, and breast cancer survivor, underwent a life-changing experience over nine years ago when she discovered a lump in her breast. While this diagnosis was a frightening experience for a new mother, Allison remained steadfast in her determination to find the best cancer care possible. As she had worked with Dr. Amit Patel for years, she trusted him and chose Astera Cancer Care. The location was convenient, and she felt safe and comfortable throughout the process. “It was very convenient to get a lot of my care in a place where I already felt comfortable,” Allison said.

When Allison found out she had cancer, she also found out she was positive for HER2. So in January 2014, Allison began treatment, which lasted for four months, during which time she participated in a clinical trial evaluating a new targeted agent. Despite the tough side effects, Allison remained hopeful. She continued to care for her daughter with the help of her husband Lior, family and friends, and upon her return to work, she was even more passionate about providing care to her patients.

When her treatment ended, Allison faced a difficult decision on whether to undergo a lumpectomy or double mastectomy. She consulted with four surgeons and ultimately decided on a double mastectomy. After surgery, her lymph nodes returned negative for cancer, and she is now eight years into remission.


Allison expressed her desire to expand her family to Dr. Patel, contemplating the possibility of having more children. In response, he advised her to wait for five years after her treatment, ensuring that she could prioritize her health and well-being. True to her determination, Allison patiently adhered to this recommendation. After the five-year mark, she underwent thorough testing with the assistance of Astera. However, considering her age and the extensive treatment she had undergone, the prospect of having another child seemed unlikely. Although her personal experience with cancer presented challenges to her plans of expanding her family, Allison embraces the belief that everything happens for a reason. "I am blessed with my amazing daughter," she reflects, finding joy and a deep sense of fulfillment in the profound love she shares with her precious child."

Throughout her breast cancer journey, Allison never lost faith in Dr. Patel and the Astera team, who supported her every step of the way. She remains grateful for the care she received and for Dr. Patel, who has since treated other members of her family. “He will take care of you in a way you truly need,” Allison said. And despite her challenges, Allison kept fighting to be there for her family. Her daughter is now ten years old, and they have been through so much together. "I'm still here to help her through every stage of life," she said.

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