Did you know about a third of all cancer diagnoses are preventable through diet, activity and weight control? This month is National Cancer Prevention Month; each year 12.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer. About a third of those diagnoses are preventable. Imagine reducing that number by a third just by making a few adjustments to your diet and lifestyle. Check out these tips to lower your risk for cancer.

Tips for lowering your cancer risk

Get started by making a few simple changes. These recommendations can also prevent heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.

Maintain a healthy diet

Dark leafy green vegetables, fruit, and whole grains have cancer-fighting nutrients like vitamins A and C. Leafy vegetables in particular contain antiviral and antibacterial properties, have the ability to deactivate carcinogens, and help reprogram cancer cells so they die off instead of multiply.

Maintain healthy weight

Avoiding obesity is one of the most important things you can to do help lower your risk for cancer and many other diseases. People who carry an excessive amount of weight have more fat tissue that produce hormones like insulin and estrogen, which may encourage the growth of cancer cells.

Be physically active each day

Take 30 minutes for yourself each day to get your blood pumping with moderate exercise. This can be as easy as a brisk walk or jog around your neighborhood; when you exercise regularly you prevent obesity, inflammation, and hormone levels.
Take a step toward a healthier lifestyle now to help prevent cancer later in life. Astera Cancer Care encourage you to have regular screenings to protect your health. Early diagnosis, intervention, and treatment of cancer can be the difference between life and death. Contact Astera Cancer Care and schedule a health screening today at 732-390-7750“>732-390-7750.

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