March is Social Work Month

Astera social workers are an integral part of our multidisciplinary team.

They focus on the physical and emotional needs of patients, mental health issues, and the social needs of our patients and family caregivers who are dealing with chronic, acute, or terminal illness. 

Our Social Workers:

  • Screen patients for emotional/mental health and psychosocial needs 
  • Facilitate virtual support groups
  • Offer individual counseling and case management
  • Organize and host community-wide educational programs
  • Present and participate at national oncology conferences
  • Partner with community-based organizations that serve oncology patients to enhance patient care and access to resources
  • Advocate for quality and equitable care, especially for patients from underserved communities
  • Address personal and systemic barriers to care
  • Empower patients to take more active role in their healthcare journey
  • Assist with applications for financial or government assistance programs
  • Research best practices and unique needs of oncology/hematology patients
  • Link patients to community based supports including transportation and home care
  • Pursue passion projects to improve patient outcomes

Throughout the month of March (and throughout the year), we celebrate our Social Work team!

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