Interventional Pulmonology

Advanced Bronchoscopy For Lung Nodules


Using GPS Bronchoscopy, also known as Electromagnetic Navigational Bronchoscopy, an interventional pulmonologist can safely biopsy small nodules in the lung, which helps detect lung cancer early.


Biopsy of Mediastinal Lymph Nodes


Endobronchial Ultrasound allows bronchoscopist to safely biopsy lymph nodes in the chest under sonographic guidance without needing surgery. This provides valuable information about lung cancer staging.


One Procedure For Diagnosis and Staging of Lung Cancer


Using a combination of ultrasound and GPS technology, Interventional Pulmonologist can biopsy the lung mass and nearby lymph nodes in the same procedure, minimizing the number of procedures and shortening the time from diagnosis to treatment of lung cancer.


Pleural Effusion


Pleural Effusion, or build-up of fluid around the lung, is a common cause of breathlessness in patients with advanced malignancy. Home drainage of Pleural Effusion can be accomplished with Indwelling Tunneled Pleural Catheter, avoiding trips to the hospital or doctor’s office.


Therapeutic Bronchoscopy For Patients with Advanced Cancer Can Alleviate Breathlessness


Patients with advanced malignancy can experience lung obstruction resulting in shortness of breath, pneumonia, and cough with bloody sputum; relieving the obstruction with Interventional Bronchoscopy can help alleviate patients’ breathing and help them get back on treatment.



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