Patient Navigators

 Have an advocate on your side from day one.

 As a new patient at Astera Cancer Care, you’ll be introduced to your Patient Navigator, the person who will help you throughout your cancer journey. Patient Navigators are Licensed Practice Nurses who are specially trained to care for you while you receive treatment for your cancer diagnosis. Several of our Patient Navigators are also certified as Oncology Patient Navigator Generalists, a certification by the Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators that is unique to the field of navigation.

 Feel at ease with a Patient Navigator on your team.

 Patient Navigators help you “navigate” through your cancer journey: assisting with appointments, questions, and support services. They are liaisons between you and   your healthcare team, so you can depend on them to help get you the answers you need. They also work with caregivers and loved ones.

Get help and support when you need it.

Patient Navigators:

  • Act as the liaison between you and your multidisciplinary team, including your oncologist

  • Communicate to your health care providers any questions or concerns

  • Relay important information regarding your treatment and results

  • Coordinate tests, procedures, or other appointments

  • Assist with resources or services that can help you further

Benefit from your Patient Navigator’s care, too.

As LPN’s, our Astera Cancer Care Patient Navigators understand the emotional journey of cancer care. They’re skilled in compassion and passionate about what they do. They’re also incredibly motivated. They get things done for you, responsibility and respectfully, all with the goal to lessen stress and make your journey easier.

“Our team of patient navigators is here to support you from your initial diagnosis and throughout your journey at Astera. We are available to provide guidance and assist you in overcoming any barrier you may encounter with your medical care.”

-Kristen Benson, AGPCNP-BC, Director of Patient Navigation Services


Beginning a relationship: your first call.

On your first call with your Patient Navigator, you’ll talk more about:

  • What we do

  • Why we’re here

  • And what to expect

How can I contact a Patient Navigator?

A Patient Navigator is available at each of our locations. Ask your physician for more information.