bYou have kidney cancer.b These words can instantly change everythingb&from daily priorities to long-term plans. And thousands of Americans each year hear the same news: Kidney cancer is the sixth most common cancer for men, and the 10th most common cancer for women.
Like most people who face this diagnosis, you must be wondering what treatment will work best for you. Your treatment plan will largely depend on key factors such as your cancer stage and grade, your age and health, and your thoughts about the treatment and its potential side effects.

Kidney cancer treatment options

At Astera Cancer Care, this type of cancer is often treated with surgery, targeted therapy or immunotherapy. We may also incorporate radiation therapy and chemotherapy treatment in Central Jersey into your personalized plan. The following therapies may be used alone or in combination to provide the highest quality care and to achieve the best possible results:

  • Nonsurgical tumor treatments b When surgery is not recommended because of characteristics of the tumor, or due to your overall health, the following nonsurgical procedures may be suggested:
    • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) b This treatment involves the use of a needle inserted into the tumor to destroy the cancer with an electrical current.
    • Cryoablation b Also called cryotherapy or cryosurgery, this procedure freezes cancer cells with a metal probe inserted into the cancerous tissue through a small incision. Cryoablation is performed under general anesthesia for several hours.
  • Targeted therapy b This treatment uses drugs to target the cancerbs specific genes, proteins or the tissue environment fueling the cancerbs growth and survival. Targeted drugs can block the growth and spread of cancer cells while limiting damage to healthy cells.
  • Immunotherapy b Also known as biologic therapy, immunotherapy leverages materials made either by the body or in a laboratory to improve, target or restore immune system function.
  • Surgery b During surgery, the doctor removes the tumor and some surrounding healthy tissue. If the cancer has not spread beyond the kidneys, surgical removal of the tumor, part of or the entire kidney, and possibly nearby tissue and lymph nodes, may be the only treatment you need.

Supporting you on all fronts: Kidney cancer care excellence in Central New Jersey

From the minute you walk into Astera Cancer Care, we surround you with support, compassion, expertise and guidance. To give you the greatest advantage over cancer, we take advanced, yet personalized approaches to your care. And with six locations throughout Central New Jersey, we strive to make your treatments as convenient as possible.
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